Rochester Court
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Welcome to your Glenfield home

We trust that you will enjoy your stay here. At Glenfield we take care to ensure that your tenancy is as pleasant, comfortable and secure as possible.

We appreciate that moving can be a stressful occasion so we have produced this information, which we hope you will find helpful.

Thank you for choosing a Glenfield home. If we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times,

Letting Manager
Glenfield Real Estate Ltd

Contact Details

Telephone: 01603 857712
Out of Hours Telephone: this is to be found in the home file located in the lounge in each property.

The Postal Addresses of our properties are:

Rochester Court, Edgeworth Road, Norwich NR5 8AU

Dereham Road, Norwich NR2 3TL

Bowthorpe Road, Norwich NR5 8AR

Important Information

Location of Utility Mains Switches & Taps:

Water Stop Tap:

Electric Mains Switch:

Gas Stop Tap:
Below kitchen sink

In panel in the hall

Red lever in external meter box

Lead Tenant

The Lead Tenant is identified as the first named person on the Tenancy Agreement. The Lead Tenant should be the main point of contact for the Household and the Letting Manager.


A member of the Glenfield team will meet the Lead Tenant at the property. They will pass him or her the house keys, and go through the inventory detailing furniture and fittings and their condition. No bed linen, china, glasses, cutlery, or pots and pans are provided so please remember to bring these with you. We will also complete a Health and Safety and induction Check List with you, which will include showing you where the property's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), Gas Safety Certificate, and How to Rent Guide are located in the House File, before going on to answer any questions you may have. Full checking-in details are sent to each tenant at least one month before the tenancy commences.


Considerate Neighbour

Firstly please do enjoy yourselves, but while resident at Rochester Court or Harvard Court, it is extremely important to follow the considerate neighbour policy displayed within your home.

You may be, and we hope you are, resident for two or three more years at your Glenfield Home, so it is necessary to maintain a pleasant environment with your housemates, neighbours and within the wider local community.

Glenfield, Norwich City Council and the Universities are very active in ensuring student tenants and their invited guests do not use anti-social or unreasonable behaviour, which includes excessive noise at unreasonable hours - the result of which may have an impact on your tenancy and future studies at university.

Right to Rent

Your Landlord / Agent now has a duty to check each tenant has a Right to Rent.

We would be very grateful for your cooperation in providing us with, for example, your EU Passport or, if you're not an EU Passport holder, a valid passport with an endorsement for indefinite or time-limited stay in the UK.

We will need sight of the original and a copy is also required. A full and extensive list of necessary and alternative identification is available on the website

Broadband / Telephone

Included within your rent is BT Fibre Optic Broadband. We have provided Business BT telephone line connections in all properties which will allow outgoing 999 emergency calls only. Please keep your Wifi pass code safe as there is a fair use policy, and excessive and unreasonable use of your internet may affect the quality of your and other members of your household’s service.

Please note that if your Internet Service is becoming unstable - for example, slowing down and cutting out - and no faults are detected on the BT line, it is possible that a member of the household is using a peer-to-peer sharing service or similar website and this is causing the connection's problems for the rest of the household. An Engineer can check this and resolve the issue, but this may involve a charge.

By using the internet you agree to Glenfield’s Internet Policy (copy available on request).


All requests for routine maintenance for which the Landlord is responsible should be made by the lead tenant using the Maintenance Request Form which can be found at our contact maintenance page. For extremely serious and urgent requests only please use the telephone number found in the House File. Please read the conditions attached first. Charges will apply to non-emergency calls on this telephone line.

Council Tax

If the property is occupied solely by students, you may be exempt from paying Council Tax for the dates shown on your University Council Tax Exemption Certificate. If this is the case it is your responsibility to provide Revenue Services, City Hall, Norwich NR2 1WJ and the Landlord with a copy of your exemption certificate. Exemption certificates may be obtained from your University or College. The UEA Council Tax Exemption Certificates may be printed via your UEA Portal or you can obtain one from UEA Records by phoning 01603 592200.

Heating and Utility Usage

The heating is controlled by a general room thermostat and each principal room has its own radiator with the benefit of a thermostatic control. The heating and hot water on/off programmer is located in the hall or landing cupboard or kitchen, depending upon the property. All other controls on the boiler and hot water cylinder have been set and should only be adjusted by a qualified engineer. A Fair Use Policy applies to the utility services, so please use all utility services reasonably and remember to turn lights and appliance off when not being used. Please use the utilities in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way.


Please note that your personal belongings, including bicycles and vehicles, are not covered by the Landlord’s insurance and no liability for loss or damage will be accepted by the Landlord. However, your personal belongings might be covered by another policy; for example, your parents’ household insurance – although many parents’ policies exclude or limit cover available. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have suitable insurance cover for your own personal belongings.

Security & Safety

Please be aware that the Landlord has provided numerous safety and security features such as: Smoke Detectors on all floors; a Carbon Monoxide Detector, Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket in the kitchen. These should not be tampered with and we recommend that your household check these safety devices on a weekly basis. The Lead Tenant will be shown how to do this upon arrival. Glenfield will also periodically make appointments to check and test the safety equipment. Electrical wiring and appliances are regularly tested and the Gas Boiler has an annual safety check. The ground floor windows have locking fasteners. You may be interested to know that 27% of all burglaries involve entry through an unlocked door or window, so please take care to ensure that these are locked when appropriate and that valuables such as laptops and mobile phones are out of sight. However please do remember Norfolk is a very safe county in which to live and study.

Smoking & naked flames

For Health and Safety reasons a no-smoking policy exists throughout all Glenfield properties. If you wish to smoke outside, cigarette disposers are fixed to the exterior of most properties.

Naked flames – for example candles, etc. – should not be used in the property.

Managing Moisture & Condensation

It is important in any home to manage moisture and condensation effectively. To do this please takes time to read the Guide to Your New Home booklet which can be found in the House File. This deals with: 

  1. Producing less moisture
  2. Stopping moisture spreading through the house
  3. Ventilating moisture away
  4. Providing even heat

If you do not take measures to adequately ventilate the rooms within the house eventually a build-up of moisture can cause the formation of mould.

Appliances Manuals and Instructions

For your reference, manuals for all electrical appliances, the time clock, and boiler are stored in the House File located in the lounge. Please return these to the file after use.


Although bicycle theft is rare, in the cycle shelters we have fitted toughened steel chains as a deterrent which, when locked, protects the wheels and frame of your cycle. Please remember to use a good cycle lock. Glenfield can supply secure cycle locks for a small deposit. The landlord or agent cannot be held liable for damage or theft. Please use a toughened chain with a secure lock and remove valuable attachments from your bicycle.

Car Parking

Each property has a designated parking space and we would like to remind residents to use these and not park in an area which is liable to cause an obstruction to either the main entrance or other vehicle users. Permits are provided and if displayed will assist in the monitoring to ensure that only residents and their guests are parked in designated areas. All vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk.

Gardens & Wheelie Bins

The gardens are regularly maintained. Refuse is currently collected weekly and Glenfield will move your wheelie bin to the collection point. It is very important to recycle by using the Blue recycling wheelie bin. Please recycle wherever possible.

For more information, and to find out where and how you can help, please visit and click on the Recycling link.


Your mattress was provided within the property new and is replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation. If you wish for an earlier upgrade before the due replacement date, this can be arranged within 7 days. However there will be a cost for each year ahead of the programme of between £20 to £60. Please advise us if you require a new mattress replacement.


We want you to receive your full security deposit returned to your rent account after your departure so try to maintain the property in a good condition, keeping common areas clean as well as your own personal space, and clean appliances regularly. For the benefit of all do not leave washing-up for others or laundry lying around, report any damages at once, and leave the property as you found it on arrival.


Glenfield will write to each tenant with a full checking out procedure at least one month before the end of the tenancy.


Enjoy your stay